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    » Overview of Agile Testing


    » Categories of Testing


    » Example Driven Development


    » Roles & Responsibilities


    » Test Strategy & Planning


    » Successful Delivery



    » Optimize the System


    » Governance & Agile at Scale


    » Agile at Scale


    » Structure the Organization for Effective Outcomes


    » Culture, Alignment, & Tradeoffs


    » Communicating Value & Process



    » The Basics of Advanced Learning and Memory


    » Brain Science and How To Apply It In Designing Presentations and training


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    » Basics of the Agile Mindset


    » Team Building & Work Estimation


    » Agile Planning


    » Continuous Improvement & Team Collaboration


    » Team Building & Work Estimation


    » Progressive Elaboration


    » Daugherty POV on Agile


    » Agile ICP Workshop



    » Basic Tools of a Facilitator


    » Effective Meetings


    » Tools for Facilitation Agile Teams


    » Facilitation Continuous Improvement


    » Team Health


    » Building A Planning Meeting



    » Product Ownership and the Agile Manifesto


    » Communication and Thinking


    » Product Vision and Your Customer


    » Seeking Value


    » Analyzing and Prioritizing Value


    » Exploring the Solution


    » Quality in Agile


    » Enabling Value Delivery


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    » Product Ownership, Vision and Strategy


    » Product Value Proposition


    » Building to Validate Assumptions


    » Changing Direction and Maximizing Value


    » Product Ownership at the Enterprise Level and Managing Risks


    » Value to the Enterprise


    » Optimizing Portfolio Value and Strategic Outcomes for the Enterprise


    » Enterprise-Wide Decision Impacts


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    » Delivery Agility


    » Manage the System


    » Empower the Team


    » Identifying and Communicating Value


    » Defining Successful Delivery


    » Leveraging Constraints


    » Adaptive Planning


    » Monitoring and Communicating Progress


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    » History, Mindset, Principles and Challenges of DevOps


    » Cultural Challenges of DevOps


    » Version Control and Configuration Management


    » Principles, Practices and Quality Assurance of Continuous Integration


    » Principles and Practices of Continuous Delivery


    » Deployment Pipeline


    » Infrastructure Management in Operations


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    » The Future of Business


    » Making Intelligent Decisions


    » Dilemmas, Polarities and Paradoxes


    » Envisioning the Future


    » Experiments and Value


    » Iterative Frameworks


    » Action Plans


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    » Agile Coaching Defined


    » People Skills


    » Organizational Impediments & Setting Boundaries


    » The Coaching Conversation


    » Mentoring


    » Teaching


    » Team Coaching


    » High Team Performance & Overcoming Issues


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    » Thriving in the Digital Age with Business Agility


    » Becoming a Lean-Agile Leader


    » Establishing Team and Technical Agility


    » Building Solutions with Agile Product Delivery


    » Exploring Lean Portfolio Management


    » Leading the Change


    » Practicing SAFe


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    » Project Management Introduction


    » Discover Part 1


    » Discovery Part 2


    » Development & Product Introduction Part 1


    » Development & Product Introduction Part 2


    » Growth, Maturity, & Decline


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    » Course Introduction


    » Session 2


    » Session 3


    » Session 4


    » Session 5


    » Session 6


    » Session 7


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    » Professional Scrum Master Certification Prep


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    » Exploring the Scrum Master Role in SAFe


    » Applying SAFe Principles


    » Exploring Agile and Scrum Anti-Patterns


    » Facilitating Program Execution


    » Improving Flow with Kanban and XP


    » Building High-Performing Teams


    » Improving Program Performance with Inspect and Adapt


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    » Introducing the Course


    » Connecting Principles and Practices to Built-In Quality


    » Accelerating Flow


    » Applying Intentional Architecture


    » Thinking Test-First


    » Discovering Story Details


    » Creating A Shared Understanding With Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)


    » Communicating With Models


    » Building Systems With Code Quality


    » Building Systems with Design Quality


    » Implementing With Quality


    » Course Review


    » Becoming A Certified SAFe Professional


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    » Exemplifying Agile Architecture


    » Architecting For DevOps and Release On Demand


    » Aligning Architecture With Business Value


    » Developing Solution Vision, Solution Intent and Roadmaps


    » Preparing Architecture For PI Planning


    » Coordinating Architecture Throughout PI Planning


    » Supporting Continuous Delivery During PI Execution


    » Supporting New Strategic Themes And Value Streams


    » Leading as an Architect During A Lean-Agile Transformation


    » Practicing SAFe


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    » Introducing SAFe


    » Building an Agile Team


    » Planning the Iteration


    » Executing the Iteration


    » Executing the Program Increment (PI)


    » Practicing SAFe


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    » Introducing Lean Portfolio Management


    » Establishing Strategy and Vision


    » Realizing Portfolio Vision through Epics


    » Establishing Investment Funding


    » Managing Portfolio Flow


    » Applying Agile Portfolio Operations


    » Applying Lean Governance


    » Practicing SAFe


    » Getting Started with LPM


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    » Introducing DevOps


    » Mapping Your Value Stream


    » Gaining Alignment With Continuous Exploration


    » Building Quality in With Continuous Integration


    » Reducing Time-to-Market With Continuous Deployment


    » Delivering Business Value With Release On Demand


    » Taking Action


    » Practicing SAFe


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    » Analyzing Your Role as a Product Management in the Lean Enterprise


    » Continuously Exploring Markets and Users


    » Driving Strategy With Market Segmentation


    » Using Empathy to Drive Design


    » Defining Product Strategy and Vision


    » Creating Roadmaps to Build Solutions


    » Delivering Value


    » Creating Innovation in the Value Stream


    » Practicing SAFe


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    » Exploring the Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM) Roles and Responsibilities


    » Preparing for PI Planning


    » Leading PI Planning


    » Executing Iterations


    » Executing the PI


    » Practicing SAFe


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    » Exploring the RTE Role and Responsibilities


    » Applying SAFe Principles


    » Organizing the ART


    » Planning a Program Increment


    » Executing a Program Increment


    » Fostering Relentless Improvement


    » Serving the ART


    » Continuing Your Learning Journey


    » Practicing SAFe


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    What Clients Say

    The exercises are actually fun. I liked to have learned the various frameworks as homework before the day’s lesson.
    I enjoyed the breakouts. I now have a good understanding of how to come up with Values and a working agreement.
    This course was well planned and fun to take part in!

    What Consultants Say

    I very much enjoyed the trainings. I thought they were thorough, informative and did a good job of engaging me for better overall learning.

    The course I took was excellent! The instructors/presenters were prepared and engaging. The online format was interactive.

    I’m impressed with the amount of training offered and the numerous classes and topics covered. Onboarding is great with the amount of information given.